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Goths Will Eater Your Soul
Kashii's rants about Soul Eater, Gothism, and other pop culture crap . . .
Tuesday, 20th December 2011 - PH Fanart~!

Lookie look, I has fanarts~!
OzxAlicexGil OT3Collapse )
Thursday, 8th December 2011 - Le Glace: Part I - What's Your Problem?
Le Glace
Oz only wants the oblivion, the passion of ice; Vriska finds herself in a strange, foreign world on a trip gone awry. But they are there for each other, among frustration and chaos, they find hate, love, and passion. AlicexGilxOz<3<Vriska. Minific.
Fandom: Pandora Hearts & Homestuck [crossover]
Rated: M
Genre: Romance/Humor

This is a rather random fic with my kismesis OTP, OzxVriska (yes I know, strange right?). This will be a miniproject that I'm doing to relieve my stress over finals and will probably continue over Christmas break (if it's not done by then). I am completely and totally doing this for kicks and TEH LULZ so this fic is going unbeta'd, and things move kind of fast.

Uuuuh . . . a few things about this fic. I sort of . . . ditched the Homestuck canon and I'm pretending everything is better. AND VRISKA IS ALIVE MY FAVORITE TROLL IS NOT DEAD LALALALA~ *plugs ears* Ditched PH canon a bit too—Oz, Alice, and Gil are married in this fic, and it's about a year after the current timeline of PH. There's also a bit more other headcanon, that you'll see. ;)

Also, for the French, I've only used Google translate. It should be accurate, but if anything is incorrect, let me know. :D

Anyway, enjoy my weird cracky fic~!
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I was working on these FSTs for a while, and they all came into being around the same time. And the illustration is just because, and it is terrible but I thought I'd share that, too. These albums contain EXPLICIT LANGUAGE so if that's not your thing, I advise that you not download these.

are you afraid to die?Collapse )

my black eye casts no shadow, your red eye sees no painCollapse )

FFFF such a long post. I hope you all like everything!
Monday, 24th October 2011 - Cosplay, cosplay~!

I finally have my modernAU!Oz cosplay done. This is my first ever cosplay, yeah . . . so here are some pictures. ^^ Post is image heavy!

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I'M OPENING COMMISSIONS AT LAAAST YEEEEEEEEES! *zooms around like crazyperson*

I've been trying to get this done for months, and I have, finally. XD So, click below the cut and check out what I have. <3 50% of all earnings from my commissions will be donated to Japan earthquake efforts, or a charity of your choosing, if you specify. ^^

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Yes, kiddies. This is a fansoundtrack for Pandora Hearts, chapters 1-63~ I wanted to explore the series with music, and this is what came out. Just be aware that this FST has spoilers all the way up to 63, so tread with caution. 

The actual ID3 tags of the songs have been ingrained with the event it's associated with--I designed this FST to act much like one might build a soundtrack if Pandora Hearts were a musical which would be fracking badass I want so much. I've also put equalizers on all the songs, which should carry over for iTunes users, but I don't know about other media players. If you'd like a list of the equalizers, feel free to ask. ^^

Overall, this FST has a lot of different genres, but it sort of turned out electronic-y/classical/hard rock. I have no idea what that genre could be called. XD Like symphony electronica rock, that works. XD It's also the longest FST I've ever made, at 28 tracks, some of them very long. I'm very excited for it!

Anyway, enjoy~!
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Monday, 1st August 2011 - Summer 2011 Icons
Waaah, I'm excited! This is my first ever multifandom icon batch~  I had a looot more originally planned, but it was more than I can handle right now. This is still the largest batch ever, at 100 or so icons, so whoo!


100 iconsCollapse )
Thursday, 28th July 2011 - So, I came up with an RP meme/game/thing
And it could be really fun! So, here it is.

How you do it:

You and your RP partner pick a range of category (fandom, genre, crossover, etc). You each count down from three, and select a character at random and reveal it to your partner. It must be the first character that comes to mind. The two characters you and your partner picked are to be a ship.

You and your partner then each close your eyes and point to an object at random from the room you're in. Tell each other your objects, and come up with a premise based on these items.

You must RP this for the minimum of an hour.


1. You may only a pick a favorite character/someone you play often once per game.
2. You may not plan ahead who you choose, it must be whoever you think of on the spot.
3. No copping out on pairings or situations, unless it involves squick. 'I don't like it' is not an excuse.
4.You may not influence the choices of your partner.
5. Once you pick a character/object, you must stick with it. No changing your mind.

That's pretty much it~! Feel free to have fun with this meme. ^^
Monday, 4th July 2011 - Need some help . . .
 So, I've been playing around with the Pandora Hearts OST, which I love, and I'm thinking about maybe doing a fanmix/fanmedley album. However, all I have is Vegas Pro 8 to muck around with songs. I was wondering if anyone knew of any free or pirated software that might be better.

Primarily I want to be able to strip vocals from music, as I want to mix together Oz's, Alice's, and Gil's character songs to create one (for my next experimentation XD) , and all the instrumentals are very different, so it'd be easier if their voices were separate from the musical track. Or, if you can show me how to use Vegas for music manipulation, that would work too. ^^
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